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General Information

What Is An Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is a specific URL assigned to an individual or business by an affiliate program. This link is unique to the affiliate and is used to track and attribute sales or traffic generated through their promotional efforts.

How Much Will I Earn With Heroframe

Heroframe works by automatically discovering relevant Amazon products and by automating the creation of Amazon Affiliate Links. A prerequisite to signing up with Heroframe is to become an Amazon Associate (free sign up). Once you are an Amazon Associate, you can create Amazon Affiliate Links, and you can use Heroframe to automate this process for you. Amazon is responsible for paying its associates. You can view their full commissions rates here (Amazon US). commission rates – January 23rd, 2024

Installation Guide

1. Amazon Associates Integration

To earn commissions, you need to have an Amazon Associates account (free sign up) and provide your Amazon Associates International Store ID to Heroframe.

The Store ID will be placed in your affiliate links, which will allow Amazon to identify and credit your account. You can change your Store ID at any time from the Heroframe Dashboard.

More information is available in the Amazon Associates Information section.

2. Website Validation

After providing Store ID there is a quick website verification process.

Decide on the first page you want Heroframe Best Picks to appear, and paste its URL.
Once pasted, you’ll see an Embed code.

Installing The Embed Code

Embed code is a piece of code that, when inserted into a webpage, allows Heroframe to identify the page and scan it for “best picks” promotions.

Heroframe’s Embed Code

If you are using WordPress, decide on the location you want Heroframe to appear on the page, and add “Custome HTML”

Paste the Embed Code inside the ‘Custom HTML’ WordPress block.

Heroframe ‘best picks’ will appear wherever you place the embed code on your page. For example, you can see that we placed the embed code on this traveling blog page right after the image:

Therefore, the Heroframe ‘best picks’ will appear in that location once the system finishes scanning the page. (It can takes several minutes)

Publish the page, and then go back and press ‘Complete Installation’. It will take a few minutes to see Heroframe in action 🎉

Amazon Associates Information

What Is My Amazon Store ID

Heroframe requires a US Store ID (An ID which ends with ’20’. For example “heroframe-20”) .
Your Amazon Store ID (or Tracking ID) is a unique identifier for your Amazon Associates account, which is attached to every product link you create. This identifier allows Amazon to credit your account for purchases made after clicking your affiliate links. Heroframe AI requires this identifier to create valid product links that will credit your account. More information about your store ID.

How Do I Find My Store ID

Navigate to your Amazon Associates Dashboard and look at the top right corner. The values for the Store: field is your store id. In the example screenshot below, the store id is heroframe-20.

I Have Multiple Websites, How Do I Track The Performance Of Each One

The solution is to create a different Tracking ID (similar to a Store ID) for each website you manage. When adding your website to Heroframe enter the Website’s Tracking ID instead of your Store ID. And don’t forget to enable Amazon One Link!

Click Manage Your Tracking IDs from inside your Amazon Associates Dashboard.

You can later manage the Tracking ID of your websites using the My Websites page from the Heroframe Dashboard.

I’m An Existing Amazon Associate For Non-US Amazon Store

If you have an Amazon Associate account in a store other than the US, you need to create a US store account too, which is fairly quick and simple. You can Sign up here.

We recommend enabling Amazon One Link to support all Amazon stores. Amazon One Link redirects visitors from to their local Amazon store. For example, if a visitor from the UK clicks on a promoted product, they will be redirected to the product on Follow these steps to enable one link on your Amazon Associate account:

About Heroframe

Best Picks

Heroframe employs an advanced algorithm to generate “Best Picks” automatically for your audience:

Content Analysis:

Scans the webpage content where the Embed code is placed, understanding the context and style of your website.

Product Relevance:

Identifies relevant Amazon products based on content analysis, considering keywords, writing styles, and estimated conversion rate.

Affiliate Link Creation:

Dynamically generates affiliate links using your Amazon Associates International Store ID for seamless integration.

Real-Time Tracking:

Monitors product performance in real-time, adapting recommendations to maximize engagement and commissions.

How Long Does It Take To See Product Recommendations

It takes roughly 5 minutes to start seeing product recommendations on your website.

Empty Heroframe – No Products Recommended

If more than 30 minutes have passed and you still don’t see any product recommendations, please contact support.

Customize Text & Design

There are four parameters you can use to customize the appearance of Heroframe on your website:

Parameter NameDefault ValueParameter Type
data-title-text“Best Picks”Text
data-intro-text“We’ve picked a few products we think you would like.”Text
data-bg-color“#ffffff”Hex Color
data-text-color“#333333”Hex Color
data-logo-url“auto” (Your site’s favicon)“auto”, “heroframe”, or custom logo URL (square image preferred).
Heroframe Appearance Parameters

Using Custom Paramters

Using custom parameters is done by supplying any of the parameters as data attributes to Heroframe’s embed code, following this template: data-{Parameter Name}.
See this example embed code which uses all the customization parameters:

data-title-text="My Best Picks"
data-intro-text="Here are some products I recommend you check out!"

*Please note that ‘data-intro-text’ displays up to 150 characters.


Tracking Performance

You can track the performance of Heroframe your site in the main “Performance Tracking” dashboard:

Estimated 30-Day Revenue:
Heroframe estimates the revenue by tracking the clicks on Heroframe’s promoted products. We calculates the revenue with the estimated Amazon PPS (Pay Per Click).

30-day Clicks:
Total number of clicks on Heroframe Best Pick products all over your website.

Pages with Heroframe:
The number of pages with Heroframe on your website.

Promoted Amazon Products:
Total Amazon products promoted on your website with Heroframe.

10-Day Unique Heroframe Impressions:
The number of Heroframe Impressions for the last 10 days.

Top 5 Converting Pages:
A pie chart of the most clicked Heroframes’ pages in the past 30 days.

View Specific Page Tracking Information

You can click on the “View Specific Page” component to watch performance information of a specific page.

You’ll see all the detected pages; choose the one you want to watch its performance.

Installing Heroframe On Multiple Pages

After completing the installation, you can place the embed code anywhere within your website content. To view the Embed Code, click the button in the upper right of the Performance Tracking Dashboard:

Heroframe will detect the new page once you (or one of your visitors) access the page. It will analyze and choose the best product to promote. This might take some time, but in the meantime, visitors will see products related to your homepage content.

Add Another Website

You have the option to add multiple websites under your user. Click on “My Websites” on the left and then click on “Add Another Website” in the upper right:

You’ll have to follow the same installation procedure you did when signing up for your first website.
After the installation is complete, you can switch between the tracking information of different sites by clicking on the upper menu:

Then, select the website you want:

Edit Store ID

You can always edit your Amazon Store ID by clicking on the button in the upper right of the Performance Tracking Dashboard:

It will let you reassign a new Amazon Store ID to all of the displayed products:

Note: The Store ID is configured per website, and not for your entire account. You are required to set a Store IDs for each website you add.