1. What is the pricing of Heroframe?
    Heroframe is now available at no cost! 🎉

  2. How much will I earn?
    You’ll earn commissions directly from Amazon for successful purchases your site generated. Click here for more information.

  3. How do I earn by using Heroframe?
    Each product promoted by Heroframe includes a link to Amazon with your unique Amazon Store ID. This ensures that whenever a visitor clicks on a promoted product and makes a purchase, Amazon attributes the affiliate commission to you.

  4. Will it slow my website or impact SEO?
    Certainly not! Heroframe is loaded using an iframe to isolate it from your website (Adsense does the same). We’ve also set it up on a strong CDN to make sure Heroframe loads quickly.

  5. Which website languages do you support?
    Heroframe performs optimally on English-language websites but you can still install it on sites in other languages. Please note that the default text within Heroframe will be in English. Click here to learn how to customize the text and appearance of Heroframe.

  6. How long does It take to install Heroframe on my website?
    Less than five minutes. Sign up and follow the instructions, for advanced features and more details please refer to Heroframe documentation.
    Be aware that it may take up to 5 minutes for our Best Picks to be displayed after adding the Heroframe code to the webpage. This is because we need to process the page’s content and discover the best opportunities.

  7. Where does Heroframe get the products it displays?
    Heroframe currently sources its products from Amazon.com, the most popular E-commerce platform. To make use of Heroframe, you’ll need to have an Amazon Associate account. If you don’t have one, know that their registration process is quick and simple. Learn more here. Please note that we plan to extend support to additional sources in the near future.

  8. Which Amazon Stores Are Supported? (US, UK, FR, etc..)
    We require a Global Store Store ID (An ID which ends with ’20’. For example “heroframe-20”) and recommend you enable Amazon One Link to support all Amazon stores.
    We source Heroframe’s products from Amazon.com (US), and with Amazon One Link, traffic from any country can be monetized. Amazon One Link will redirect your visitors from Amazon.com to their local Amazon store. For example, if a visitor from the UK clicks on a promoted product, they will be redirected to the product on Amazon.co.uk.

  9. Do I need an Amazon API Key?
    No, you should only provide your Global Amazon Store ID. (An ID which ends with ’20’. For example “heroframe-20”)

  10. Can I customize the design and text?
    Yes, you can edit the text color, background color, title text, and introduction text of every Heroframe. For more information, please refer to the Customize section in the documentation.

  11. Do you support dark theme websites?
    Yes, You can customize the text color and background color by following the Customize section in the documentation.

  12. Is Heroframe compatible with WordPress and other page builders?
    Yes, Heroframe is compatible with every platform that lets you insert JavaScript code.

  13. Do you support multiple websites for a single user?
    Yes, you have the option to add up to 10 websites for a single user.

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