1. Is Heroframe for me?
    Heroframe is for you if you are a professional affiliate marketer looking to earn money from your online blogs. We are here to help you earn more. Our product helps perfect your affiliate marketing strategy by providing a simple, yet deep dive to your click’s data. With Heroframe, you’ll know which links and programs get clicks and which ones don’t. This information will give an advantage to your affiliate promotions and increase earnings.

  2. What is the pricing of Heroframe?
    You can use Heroframe at no cost forever! Experience the beauty of Heroframe today for free. The free version allows tracking of a single page / post. To track more pages and get added benefits you will need to top up your account. See the pricing page.

  3. Will the tracker slow down my website?
    Absolutely not! The tracker loads a footer JavaScript file asynchronously, so it won’t impact loading times. Also, your clicks data and reports are safely stored on Heroframe’s external servers. This means that your website’s database won’t be bloated with clicks data.

  4. How do I get support?
    Contact us using the support form.

  5. How do I get started?
    After installing the plugin, go to the plugin’s settings page. Sign up for a free Heroframe account which takes one minute and paste your account keys in the plugin settings. Press the “Activate Plugin” button and you’re done! You can now select which pages or posts to track.

  6. How do I get the reports and see my clicks data?
    Go to the plugin’s settings and click ‘View Insights’ to see the reports of a tracked page. This will redirect you to your Heroframe account, where you can see the detailed reports of your tracked pages and posts. You can also enable email notifications to get a weekly status of your site’s click count.

  7. Which pages or posts should I track?
    You should track your most popular pages or posts. These have the highest potential to generate clicks and revenue, so it’s best to track and optimize them first.

  8. How many pages or posts can I track?
    You can track as many pages or posts as you want across any number of websites. There is no limit. The first page or post you track will be free forever. If you want to track more pages you will need to top up your account. We try to keep the cost as low as possible, so you can track as many pages as you need.

  9. Can I disable tracking or switch between tracked pages?
    Yes, you can disable tracking for a page or post at any time. You can also switch between tracked pages or posts at any time.

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