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The Problem Today

You are a professional affiliate marketer.
You have many pages and posts with many affiliate links and programs. You have a simple question, and expect a simple answer: How many clicks does each affiliate link get?
Finally there is a plugin to provide this answer!

Affiliate Link Click Tracker Plugin

Simply select which pages or posts to track and get a detailed clicks report. We also scan your website for affiliate links that weren’t clicked at all, so you can fix them and improve your earnings. Save time and get a weekly clicks-status by enabling email notifications, to see which pages got the least / most clicks.

Do more of what works and less of what fails!


After that copy your Heroframe account keys into the WordPress plugin.

Setting up both of them will take less than 5 minutes. After this setup you will be able to easily track your affiliate links and sign up for a weekly website clicks analysis.

Short Demo

FAQ & Documentation

See the following pages:

What are you waiting for? Download our plugin and start increasing your earnings!