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The Problem Today

You are a professional affiliate marketer.
You have many pages and posts with many affiliate links and programs. You have a simple question, and expect a simple answer: How many clicks does each affiliate link get?
Finally there is a plugin to provide this answer!

Affiliate Link Click Tracker Plugin

Simply select which pages or posts to track and get a detailed clicks report. We also scan your website for affiliate links that weren’t clicked at all, so you can fix them and improve your earnings. Save time and get a weekly clicks-status by enabling email notifications, to see which pages got the least / most clicks.

Do more of what works and less of what fails!


Download our free WordPress plugin and signup for a free Heroframe account.

After that copy your Heroframe account keys into the WordPress plugin.

Setting up both of them will take less than 5 minutes. After this setup you will be able to easily track your affiliate links and sign up for a weekly website clicks analysis.

Short Demo

FAQ & Documentation

See the following pages:

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